Sensational Nail Glue Shields

Très She Talons

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These shields are pure genius! Pop them on your nails and apply with glue as per usual. This little product gives you the strength of glue but the option to remove them whenever you like plus no nail damage!

Includes 88 stickers a buffer and orange stick 

Please note ~ Prices are in US Dollars

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From our home base in Melbourne Australia Très She Talons has grown from a home nail art business to an international company sending press on nails all over the world. Tired of thinning weak nails from years of acrylic use we wanted a solution, nails you could wear out like an accessory and take off when needed. Every set of Très She Talons is lovingly crafted and unique, they are strong and can be re worn over and over again. Specializing in multi dimensional effects these talons are amazingly dazzling and super addictive!

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